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 welding;  Surfacing;  Cutting;  Casting;  Surface treatment;  Spraying;  Brazing;  Remelting;  Repair and restoration;


 Arc;  E-beam;  Electroslag;  Contact butt;  Microplasma;  Blast;  Induction;  Magnetic field;  Computer Program;  Laser;  Pulse;  Hardening;  Plasma;  Friction stir;


 Live tissues;  Copper;  Steel;  Cast;  Titan;  Aluminum;  Molybdenum;  Tungsten;  High-alloyed and heat-resistant steel;  Chromium;  Ni;  Vanadium;  Magnesium;  Manganese;  Waste;  Nonmetallic materials;  Nitrogen;  Carbides of metals;  Bimetal;


 Engineering;  Shipbuilding;  Reactor building;  Converter production;  Cryogenics;  Cement Machinery;  Metals;  Oilfield;  And Ferroalloy Ore Mining and Processing;  Missile and aviation engineering;  Building;

Clarifying characteristics

 Sheet-Metal;  Welding of rails for different purposes;  Automatic submerged arc welding;  Mechanized and automated welding in shielding gas (MIG) process;  Hand welding in shielding gas (TIG) process;  TIG welding using the flux-paste (ATIG process);  Steel plate;  Manual welding with coated electrodes (MMA) process;  Molds molds electrometallurgical furnaces;  Air blast furnace tuyeres;  Piping in shipbuilding;  Nodes exchangers;  High pressure steam conduits;  Shaped electroslag casting;  Steel forging ingots;  Surfacing stamps and stamping equipment;  iron rolls hot and cold rolling;  Arc welding flux cored wire with forced weld formation;  Armature;  Railway frog;  Marine and subsea pipelines;  Rent;  Drill bit;  Axes wheelsets;  The working surface of the tool;  Ingots;  Teaching;  Simulator;


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You may download Catalogue of scientific-technical products
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