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Welding, cutting and explosion treatment

PWI has the test grounds for manufacture of special charges and performance of explosion operations, including the unique tubular explosion chamber for 200 kg of explosives. The package of competitive technologies for explosion welding, cutting and treatment of metals used in many branches of industry for cutting out holes, restoration of threaded holes, providing dimensional stability, etc. is available which found their demand among the customers both in Ukraine and abroad.

Technology of precision explosion welding of current-carrying contact units (power systems and systems of signalization)

Making contact joints by explosion welding allows producing strong and reliable contacts of similar and dissimilar metals. In case of permanent joints the explosion welding makes it possible to realize a local joint of different combinations of metals (aluminium-aluminium, copper-aluminium, copper-steel, aluminium-steel), and in case of detachable joints a local cladding of aluminium busbars with thin copper coatings can be realized, allowing application of an optimum variant of combination of contacting metals, such as copper-copper and/or aluminium-aluminium in a mechanical contact. Experience, gained during recently, in the development of similar technologies for plants with a high-current equipment and use of elements of this equipment, manufactured by explosion welding, proved that the explosion welding provides strong, reliable and durable joints.

Technical-economical advantages.

Technology of local explosion welding with miniature charges (precision explosion welding, welding with a shock wave) guarantees the reduction in mass of used charges of explosives by several times as compared with traditional ones. The precision explosion welding of tiny contacts can be performed directly in site of their service using miniature charges of explosives and special mobile explosion chambers. In offered technological developments the charges of mass of not more than 20-30 grams are used. To increase the safety of explosion works and to provide the ecological protection (suppression of a pulse noise, prevention of fragments spreading), small-size mobile explosion chambers (mass of order of tens of kg), adapted for drilling of holes in elements being joined, assembly of charge of explosives, and, consequently, explosion welding, are used.


The term of payback is not more than 12 months.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Electric resistance of parts of similar metals (copper-copper, aluminium-aluminium), welded by explosion, does not exceed the resistance of parts themselves.
  • Mechanical strength of joints of similar metals, produced by explosion welding, is mot lower than strength of the appropriate metals.
  • Total electric resistance of parts of dissimilar metals (copper-aluminium, aluminium-steel, copper-steel), welded by explosion, does not exceed the resistance of parts themselves of appropriate metals by providing the contact over the entire surface and absence of oxide and other films on the contact surface.
  • Mechanical strength of dissimilar metal joints, made by explosion welding, is not lower than the strength of the metal having the lowest strength.
  • Technical and ecological characteristics of protective miniature explosion chamber are defined by coordination with the Customer.

Field of application.

Electrical engineering. Transport (metro, railway, tram, etc.)


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